Special Offers

Special Offers

Take advantage of our secret-season specials and last minute discounted accommodation rates and enjoy an amazing holiday. Treat yourself to a stay in this idyllic setting in a peaceful environment that reawakens your soul… it will simply leave you coming back for more. We regularly update our website with specials for romantic weekend getaways, de-stress retreats with our leading international Stress Therapist John Dutton, fishing weekends and more!





Valid from 10th January – 28th February 2019

It is a known fact that, Depression, Negativity, and Stress are a key factor in our downfall in life, which leads to all sorts of side-effects such as tired minds and ill health.  The way to beat this is to simply rejuvenate and get back on track. A healthy mind working with a healthy body creates healthy living.  John Dutton principal researcher author and therapist at SAMHA  is known internationally as a leading expert in the field of mind rejuvenation with over 20 years’ experience. He has put together a programme to get one’s mind back on track to rejuvenate your life and recapture the desire to live and love life in a negative world.

The use of life skills tools, guided meditation, self-communication skills and personal mentoring, makes this a safe natural enjoyable form of rejuvenation.  Set in the beautiful surroundings of sea, sun and nature, the healing starts on arrival at Palm Beach Chalets.  Clients are booking on this program from both South Africa and abroad.


Check in Friday – Check out Sunday
Includes your own stunning self-catering unit.
The use of pool, gardens and all facilities at Palm Beach Chalets
3 full sessions with John Dutton (Approximately 2 hours)
A life Style action plan moving forward.
Self-help CD’s
R3500.00 inclusive per individual

Packages for couples are available on request
(Please note, this does not include travel expenses or meals)


Check in Monday Check out Friday
Includes your own self catering unit
Use of all facilities
5 Sessions with John Dutton
Life Style Action Plan
Self Help CD’s
R4800.00 per individual
Packages for couples available
(Please note, this does not include travel expenses or meals)
Limited space


Contact Mandy on 039-3137533 or 0837262611
Email: mandy-a@iafrica.com


Stress effects all in this modern day life, in a company environment it effects everyone from all levels of staff and creates many negatives such as staff being off work on a regular basis, lowered productivity, aggression anger and lack of communication to name but a few factors.  These become stronger and stronger and can result in job loss or even ones business closing down. Many try solving this by treating staff to a big dinner, lots of alcohol, free movies or sports events; this does not solve this problem.

A human brain and body suffering from high stress levels or in lay terms tired mind needs time out.  Palm Beach provides this opportunity; take your staff into a peaceful environment surrounded by nature, the sea and sun.

We replace loud music, long party nights with long beach walks, stunning sun sets even a chance to just sit and read a book or chat.  With 4 people sharing a fully equipped chalet Palm Beach caters for a maximum of 12 guests guaranteeing a unique experience and a chance to bond.  Contact us for your Staff Destress package discounts and get your company up and going.

Suitable for management to all levels of staff
Prices calculated on number of persons and seasonal prices
Terms and Conditions apply
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